Simply put, this project began in the late-spring of 2012 with the upload of the YouTube video “Cross-Country Running: The Anthology”.
At the time, the sport seemed desperate for a eulogy. It had been forgotten; overshadowed by road-running hype, lost in Olympic inflation, and slowly ignored by track purists.
But with a grass-roots revival it was clear an audience still hungered for more.
In time, a side-project intent on connecting students with the history of the sport revealed a gaping hole on the shelf. If a runner familiar with cross-country running wanted to know where their sport came from and why it was important, they would be hard-pressed to find it in one volume. Nearly five years later, the non-fiction historical story of the sport was completed: a published anthology tracing the tales of the sport to its very beginnings.
Here, it’s not about message boards or track splits; debates or predictions. It’s about getting the story straight. Today, this website stands as a testament to all cross-country runners who have come before—for the betterment of all who have yet to set the records of tomorrow.

Who We Are:

Andrew Boyd Hutchinson, Author/Educator/Historian.

Andrew is the mind behind the “Cross-Country Running Anthology” videos, and the writer responsible for most of the site content as well as the cumulative “Complete History of Cross-Country Running” book. A native of the Bay Area, Andrew did graduate work at Stanford University in the Master of Liberal Arts program and lived abroad in Europe, in the Moravian region home to none other than Emil Zatopek. He has been a cross-country runner all his life, with a collegiate-best of 27:06 for 8K running in the NCAA’s Division III for Lake Forest College in Chicago. He is currently focused on seeing cross-country return to the Olympic Games as a standalone event, this time on the winter program.

Contributors, Affiliates, and Friends:

The Sixth Counter: Cross-Country photographer and journalist based in the UK, whose shots appear on this site.

Albert Caruana: Athletics coach and teacher, whose blog has been covering cross-country and track in Northern California since 2006.

Craig Virgin: 3-time Olympian and 2-time winner of the World Cross Country Championships. Virgin penned the foreword to the “Complete History of Cross-Country” book.

Time in San Francisco:

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